Rhymes and Reasons: The macabre meanings and awful origins of popular nursery rhymes

Step into a world where innocence meets darkness in our riveting talk on the gruesome origins of nursery rhymes.

Uncover the chilling truths and historical horrors hidden behind the seemingly sweet verses sung to generations of children. From tales of plague and execution to political intrigue and scandal, discover the sinister stories that gave birth to these timeless rhymes.

This talk is part of our Twilight Tales - an exciting series of talks over one week where our in-house experts explore the horrible history of Halloween.

Timings: Doors open at 6pm before the talk begins at 6:30pm. The talk will finish at 7:30pm before the event comes to a close at 8pm.

Date: Monday 28 October

Location: Glass Classroom, Coalbrookdale

Tickets: £5 per person (£4.50 for Friends)

Free parking for PASS PLUS holders and Friends does not apply for this event. Specific event parking required. 


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