Blood and Hysteria: Women's Health in the Victorian Era

How did Victorian women deal with their periods? Join Lauren Collier, our Head of Interpretation, to find out the answer to this question and more as she delves into the fascinating and eye-opening story of women's health in the Victorian Era.

This is the concluding talk of our new Tuesday Talks - an exciting series where our in-house experts explore what our predecessors got up to behind closed doors.

Discover the dangers, diseases and derision women faced from the medical world as well as stories of strength, independence and defiance.

Timings: Doors open at 6pm before the talk begins at 6:30pm. This event ends at 8pm.

Date: Tuesday 10 September

Location: Glass Classroom, Coalbrookdale

Tickets: £5 per person (£4.50 for Friends)

Free parking for PASS PLUS holders and Friends does not apply for this event. Specific event parking required. 

Please note, this talk contains discussion of mental health.


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