Artwork showing a book leaning against a pile of books. The cover of the main book displays the tile 'Blists Hill Victorian Town Book Club' in an industrious typeface, accompanied by an image of the victorian town streetscape itsellf.

Blists Hill Book Club

Join us for our virtual book club meeting!
On the first Monday of every month we meet via a Facebook event page to discuss that month’s chosen book.
All our books are historical fiction (with a bit of fantasy thrown in occasionally!) and we consider ‘history’ to be from the 1980s backwards.
It’s just like an in person book club, with the bonus of it being from the comfort of your own home!
Make sure to get settled down with your coffee to discuss the book between 19:30 and 21:00 on each book club day!

January 2023's book is 'Murder on The Orient Express' by Agatha Christie.

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