Museum Trust Welcomes £2.2 Million in Funding Over The Next Three Year

The Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust will receive £2.2 million in funding over the next three years following an announcement by Arts Council England today.

The announcement comes as part of Arts Council England's Levelling Up agenda to boost spending in arts, museums and libraries in villages, towns and cities where investment is currently too low.

Maintaining its status as one of Arts Council England's National Portfolio Organisations, The Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust is one of 990 organisations across the UK who will receive a share of £446 million over the next three years, with this year’s funding portfolio described as the funding body’s most varied and ambitious to date.

The funding will help to support the Trust’s charitable work within education and heritage conservation as well as helping to improve the inclusivity and diversity of exhibitions across its ten sites in the Ironbridge Gorge CEO Nick Ralls explains:

“As the world continues to recover from the impacts of the pandemic and in the midst of a challenging economic climate, it is more important than ever to support and protect the arts and culture sectors within the UK.

“The funding announced by Arts Council England today will allow us to continue our mission to inspire future generations in a diverse and inclusive way that reflects the diversity of the visitors that we welcome to our sites across The Gorge every year.”

It is hoped that the funding will not only fulfil the public's desire for creativity but the need to have the very best art and culture available to them in their neighbourhoods. 

“Creativity lives at the very heart of the important discoveries and developments made throughout the Ironbridge Gorge and celebrating these discoveries, inventions and the people behind them is another important way for us to engage not only with our visitors but our local communities and to enrich our visitors' lives by immersing them in our shared history,” Mr Ralls added.

Arts Council England Chief Executive, Darren Henley, said: “Together, each of the 990 organisations that have been offered funding today will contribute to a portfolio that is rich, varied and truly national. This is our widest ever spread of investment across the country, ensuring that many more people will have access to a wider choice of exceptional art, culture and creative opportunities on their doorsteps.

“We are in tough times but we must remember creativity brings with it extraordinary dividends, boosting our country’s economic growth, creating jobs, bringing communities closer together, and making us happier as individuals. Everyone deserves to enjoy the benefits it brings, and with this investment, we believe we’ve taken a decisive step towards making that vision a reality.”

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