Following the passing of the 1918 Act of Parliament approximately 40% of women in the UK gained the right to vote. These women were mainly older, wealthier, married women, and millions of younger, poorer women were still excluded, including all of these women who were known to be working in the ceramic and iron industries across the Ironbridge Gorge at the time.


Winnie Hall, 17. Munitions Worker during the War

Annie Florence Stafford, 28. Typist

Sarah Mackaw, 27. Typist

Jane Price, 77. Office Cleaner. Widow. 



Margaret Ethel Boden, 36. Tile Presser

Hanah Bowen, 22. Mosaicist

Edith May Cleobury, 23. Mosaic

Nellie Dickens, 21. Encaustic Tile Worker

Agnes Dood Yates, 49. Decorated Tile Rubber

Edith Jane Dudley, 22. Tile Rubber

Caroline Sarah Evans, 27. Mosaicist

Martha Evans, 23. Mosaicist

Rebecca Evans, 36. Encaustic Tile Brusher

Rose Evans, 27. Tile Dipper

Fanny George, 31. Tile Paintress

Esther Goring, 27. Majolica Paintress (Art Ware)

Edith May Harrison, 23. Mosaic Worker

Hannah Harrison, 32. Mosaic Worker. Maw & Co

Edith May Hughes, 23. Mosaicist

Agnes Humphries, 33. Paintress in Tile Works

Emma Humphries, 36. Mosaics

Rebecca Leans, 43. Tile Presser

Elizabeth Legge, 35. Mosaicist

Alice Rebecca Lloyd, 22. Encaustic Tile Burnisher

Roseanna Lloyd, 51. Encaustic Tile Presser

Eleanor Perks, 29. Encaustic Tile Burnisher

Mary Perks, 23. Tile Placer

Caroline Poole, 47. Mosaic Worker

Ada Potts, 24. Mosaic

Hilda Quinn, 27. Mosaicist

Margaret Smith, 42. Mosaicist

Horrie Taylor, 22. Mosaic Worker

Ellen Thomas, 43. Cook and Office Cleaner at Encaustic Tile Works


Elizabeth Beddow, 20. Pipe Trimmer

Polly Beddow, 22. Pipe Trimmer

Amelia Buck, 49. Box Maker

Ellen Edwards, 19. Pipe works

Annie Jones, 47. Tobacco Pipe Packer

Elizabeth Lee, 35. Pipe Maker

Eliza Jane Mainwaring, 72. Pipe Maker

Mary Mason, 27. Pipe maker

Emily Owen, 31. Pipe Trimmer

Hannah Shaw, 62. Pipe Maker


Annie Abbots, 22. Painter

Emma Aston, 36. Paintress

Harrie Austin, 20. Apprentice Paintress

Bertha Beddow, 23. China Burnisher

Gertie Beddow, 20. Printer on China

Alice Birbeck, 26. Paintress

Elsie Birbeck, 27. Print Transferor

Nellie Birbeck, 23. Warehouse Labouring

Emily Hannah Boden, 25. Biscuit Room

Annie Bowen, 55. China Placer

Annie Clay, 23. Painter cutter

Ethel Clay, 26. Gilder

Alice Cleobury, 22. Painter

Eveleyn Edith Cullis, 28. Warehouse Woman

Edith Annie Davies, 28. Paintress

Nellie Davies, 25. Paintress

Mary Dudley, 25. Burnisher

Betsy Ann Edge, 63. Chinaware Cleaner

Sarah Charlotte Ellis, 31. China Stamper

Amy Evans, 25. Burnisher

Emily Evans, 23. Painter

Lucy Jane Evans, 24. Gold Burnisher

Lydia Annie Evans, 28. Burnisher

Eliza Fennell, 76. Burnisher

Edith Lucy George, 27. China Decorator

Florence Elle George, 32. China Decorator

Laura George, 36. China Decorator

Elsie Beatrice Goodwin, 22. Paintress

Rose Goodwin, 23. Paintress (Art Ware)

Winnifred Kate Goring, 21. Paintress

Lily Groves, 32. Burnisher

Sarah Elizabeth Groves, 34. Ground Layer

Annie Harris, 29. Printer on China

Rose Hannah Harrison, 73. China Cleaner

Martha Ann Headly, 22. China Gilder

Edith Eleanor Hurdley, 25. Burnisher

Jane Ellen Jones, 32. Burnisher

Emily Jones, 23. Burnisher

Emma Jones, 28. Paintress

Martha Jones, 23. China Decorator

Martha Jones, 43. China Cleaner

Mary Elizabeth Jones, 67. Biscuit Securer

Nellie Jones, 21. China Painter Cutter

Ethel Lewis, 32. Caretaker Coffee Rooms

Sarah Lewis, 33. Painter

Sarah Llewellyn, 46. Printers Transferor

Elsie May Lote, 21. Painter

Mabel Maud, 37. Painter

Edith Ellen Moreton, 30. Paintress

Elizabeth Moreton, 36. Gold Grinder

Frances Moreton, 25. Warehouse Woman

Gertrude May Moreton, 28. Warehouse Woman

Violet Ann Moreton, 33. Paintress

May Eliza Morgan, 26. China Painter

Annie Mullard, 53. Biscuit securer

Martha Mullard, 21. Paintress Transferor

Annie Edith Oakes, 26. Burnisher

Ellen Oliver, 23. China Cleaner

Alice Oswell, 25. Burnisher

Jane Parker, 25. Burnisher

Elsie Maggie Powell, 25. Printer

Rosehannah Preece, 29. Burnisher

Edith Maud Richards, 29. China Paintress

Sarah Ann Richards, 23. Colour Grinder. John Rose & Co

Emma Smallman, 26. Printers Department

Emily Winifred Somerton, 24. Paintress

Ann Soulsby, 72. China Sorter

Elizabeth Stewart, 22. Transfer cutter

Ada Stokes, 43. Printer

Annie Taylor, 25. China Printers Assistant

Henrietta Taylor, 25. Burnisher

Winifred Taylor, 22. Paintress (Art Ware)

Mary Jane Thomas, 25. China Stamper

Ellen Tranter, 40. China Scourer

Beatrice Wilkinson, 24. China Burnisher

Jane Wilkinson, 20. Painter

May Wylde, 21. Burnisher

May Yates, 22. Painter

Alice York, 36. China Works Examiner