The Daily Grind was held as a physical exhibition, at the Coalbrookdale Gallery, 28th April - 5th November 2023. We asked our visitors if they or their ancestors worked in the industries of the Gorge.

Stories from The Gorge

Thomas Ward (1853-1934), Iron Moulder in Ironbridge. Born on Lincoln Hill, died in Aston. Later worked on bed frames.
Richard Buckley (1774-1853), Miner in Ironbridge. Born in Newton, died Lincoln Hill. On Nov 28th 1834, tried to save 4 year old Thomas Hotchkiss who caught fire playing near a lime kiln on Lincoln Hill.
Cecil Oakley (b. 1906). Worked as an Office Boy, and later as a Tile Draughtsman, at Craven Dunnill, Jackfield, c. 1920-1930. His grandfather and uncle worked at Coalbrookdale Co., and another uncle worked at Maw & Co. His two aunts worked at Coalport China Works.
Enoch Ward (1849-1920), Coal Miner in Ironbridge. Born in Madeley, died in Silverdale. Worked in mining from at least age 12.
Laura George (b. 1882), worked as a Paintress at Coalport c. 1901-1911. Lived at 33, The Lloyds, Coalport. Her brother, Robert, worked as a China Polisher.
John Buttery (b.1837/1838). Miner in Brandlee, Dawley c. 1851. His father (Richard), and brothers (Samuel and Richard) were also coal miners.

From Further Afield...

Eric Smithers (b. 1927), Iron Moulder in Berkshire c. 1941-1971. Apprenticed at 14 and worked until foundry closed.
Wilfred Gelsthorpe (b. 1871) Coal miner and loader in Shirebrook, Derbyshire. Born in Yorkshire. Sons (Alfred and Harry) also worked in the mines as a pony driver and mine banker.