The museum wishes to create a new library to stores its extensive collection of images

It’s 50 years since Blists Hill Victorian Town opened to visitors. Throughout 2023 we will be releasing a series of blog posts delving into the fascinating history of this museum, its buildings and its people. 

  1. Coal, Coke, and Clay: Blists Hill’s Industrial Past

    In 2023, Blists Hill Victorian Town is celebrating its 50th Anniversary. Since it opened in 1973, the museum has grown significantly as local buildings have been rebuilt or copied at Blists Hill to recreate a small industrial town. The museum aims to show what life was like living and working in the East Shropshire Coalfield around 1900, but what can be seen at Blists Hill today is very different to how the site looked in the 19th century.

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  2. The ‘Case for an Open-Air Museum’: The Origins of Blists Hill Victorian Town

    Find out how a case of pneumonia, an 80 year old history book, and a group of passionate volunteers led to the creation of Blists Hill Victorian Town.

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