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At our ten museums nestled within the spectacular Ironbridge Gorge, there are endless opportunities to uncover the stories of the people and places that changed the world in this area renowned for its unique contribution to the birth of the Industrial Revolution.

Discover the metal that shaped our world

Begin your journey in Coalbrookdale, the beating heart of the Industrial Revolution. At the Coalbrookdale Museum of Iron, learn about the discoveries at Coalbrookdale which caused a revolution that changed the world.


Hear Untold Stories

The endeavours, achievements and triumphs of Britain's leading industrialists are well documented, but what of those who laboured and toiled in their workshops and factories?

To find out, while you're in Coalbrookdale, make sure you don't miss our new temporary exhibition, 'The Daily Grind: The Industrial Workers of The Ironbridge Gorge', FREE at the Coalbrookdale Gallery.

Step back in time

Step back in time more than a hundred years as you stroll through Blists Hill Victorian TownSee the brand of soap your ancestors may have used or post a letter in the Post Office of this recreation of a Victorian town set on the East Shropshire Coalfield. 

DISCOVER Traditional trades

Discover traditional trades in demonstrations at Blists Hill Victorian Town. From our new tinsmith to our resident blacksmith, from foundry workers to signwriters, there is so much to see and learn!

FIND OUT ABOUT the Industries that shaped the Gorge

Visit the creative heart of the Ironbridge Gorge World Heritage Site at the Coalport China Museum and the Jackfield Tile Museum, both located in the former factories from where ceramics and tiles were transported all over the world.


STEP INSIDE a real-life time capsulE

The perfectly preserved Broseley Pipeworks, a former tobacco pipe factory, is the last of its kind.

Abandoned by workers in the 1950s, the tools of the trade remain undisturbed on the banks of wooden benches that snake through the building's twisting workshops and narrow, winding corridors. 


Explore the world heritage site on foot


Follow in the footsteps of the Ironbridge Gorge's leading industrialists as you follow our walking tours through some of the area's most historically significant sites.

All the museums on this itinerary are included in our PASS and PASS PLUS, which allow you to visit the museums as many times as you like during a year.

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