Adopt an Object Terms & Conditions

Terms of the adoption:

  •  Adoption is for one year. Existing adopters will be invited to renew their adoption at the end of the year. If they do not respond within three months, the object will become available for someone else to adopt.
  • If you wish to adopt an object that is not one of the selected items, please contact the Fundraising Department to discuss whether this is possible.
  • Each object can only be adopted by one person.
  • The Museum may alter the Adoption Objects List at any time. (If objects are removed from the list, existing adopters may still be able to renew their adoption if they wish, depending on the reason for removal.)
  • Adopting an object will not give you any rights over the object itself or images of it.
  • Occasionally the Museum may, for essential operational, health and safety or conservation reasons, need to remove an adopted object from display either temporarily or permanently. In the case of temporary removal, adopters will not be notified. You should always call us to check if you are travelling to see the object.
  • The funds raised by the Adopt an Object scheme will support the Museum’s twin charitable aims of education and heritage conservation.