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Summer Ceramic Drop-in Workshops

Coalport China Museum

Join in drop-in ceramic workshops at Coalport China Museum over the school summer holidays.

Drop-in to a summer family ceramic workshop at Coalport China Museum between 18 July and 6 September and paint ceramics or discover how to add textured surfaces to clay models.

Sessions will vary from day-to-day; between Tuesday and Thursday you can use your imagination to design and make a clay model adding your own preferred surface texture, while every day during the summer school holidays you can paint a money box, china flower or fridge magnet with your choice of colours.

The hands-on workshops will be held from 11am until 1pm and 2pm until 4pm; clay modelling activities carry an additional charge of £4 plus a postage charge from £3.50 if you want to have your creation sent home afterwards. Ceramic painting is an additional £1 for a flower or magnet or £4 for a money box or tealight holder - you can take them away with you once they’re painted.

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