mine it make it move it

‘Mine It, Make It, Move It’

Blists Hill Victorian Town

16 Sep 2015

Visitors to Blists Hill Victorian Town will be able to find out more about the innovation and technology of the Industrial Revolution at our Mine It, Make It, Move It event on Wednesday 16 September.

The fun Science and Technology hands-on event will involve fun experiments and demonstrations showing everything from how raw materials are sourced, to production processes and distribution to markets.

There will be fantastic science & technology inspired workshops and activities for all to enjoy across the Victorian Town including geology & mining activities, making iron on a stick, metal casting, enamelling and brick making.

As well as the workshops there will be various demonstrations including a working bloomery making iron using our home made charcoal in the Ironworks, blowing up balloons in the bakery, imploding oil drums that show how a Newcomen Engine worked and Blists Hill Victorian Town’s engines will also be in steam for the day.

The activities are free of charge with normal site admission. Activities will take place from 10-3pm at various places around the site.

The event is open to all but is designed to be relevant to upper KS2 & KS3. Educational groups should pre-book their visits by contacting the Education Department on 01952 435900 or education@ironbridge.org.uk

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