Pat's Comment on Steam Engines

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’A Sharpshooter’

Publisher:G. Humphrey, London, 28 August 1829.

A huntsman in riding hat, jacket and jodhpurs and carrying riding crop/whip, is sitting astride a steam kettle which has been mounted on a bath full of smoking coals on top of a 4-wheeled trolley, with a set of bellows as a stirrup and means of increasing the heat.  Another huntsman on a similar vehicle is pursuing a fox whilst being chased by a pack of hounds in left background.  Other huntsmen are falling off and trying to get their vehicles over fences in right background.

Other engineers did follow Richard Trevithick in building successful road carriages in the 1820s and 1830s, but no-one was able to supplant the horse for personal use as suggested in this print.

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