We are committed to continuing archaeological research of a high academic standard. This is reflected not only in our day-to-day work in the commercial sector, but also in our special research projects. These projects are undertaken in collaboration with, or with advice from, various academic institutions and other organisations.

Ongoing research projects feed back into the running of our business in the UK, and enhance the quality of service we provide to clients. An important aim of the research programme is to publish as widely as possible.

Previous research projects include:

Upper Coalbrookdale Survey

This research project looked intensively at the landscape of the upper part of Coalbrookdale. Because of its focus around the long-established ironworking complex in the Upper Dale, little archaeological attention had previously been paid to the late 17th century and early 18th century designed landscape surrounding it. This interdisciplinary research project brought together a wide range of researchers from different institutions, including the University of Bristol, the University of Birmingham and the University of Coventry as well as staff from the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust.

Early Ceramic Production in the Ironbridge Gorge

The restoration of the Jackfield Tile Museum has provoked a revision of previous thinking on the development of Jackfield as a centre of ceramic manufacture. Jackfield was long known as a centre of the early pottery industry, and certainly developed its own distinctive style of pottery manufacture by the early 18th century. Recent excavation and documentary research has shed more light on this important and previously overlooked industry.