Publications and Conferences

We have a pro-active policy of publication and seek funding wherever possible to showcase our work to a wide audience. This includes popular publications as well as in-depth academic papers. Here is a selection of recent papers by Ironbridge Archaeology staff in international refereed publications.

  • English Steelmaking in the seventeenth century : the excavation of two cementation furnaces in Coalbrookdale (Historical Metallurgy, Vol.41, pp.105-123), 2007
  • Bridging the Atlantic - Archaeology and Community in England and Bermuda (in World Heritage : Global Challenges, Local Solutions, BAR International Series No.1698, edited by Roger White and John Carmen, pp. 97-106), 2007
  • Sublime Cascades : Water and Power in Coalbrookdale (Industrial Archaeology Review, Vol.XXIX, pp.133-148), 2007
  • The World of the Workshop: Archaeologies of Urban Industrialisation (in Cities in the World, Society for Post-Medieval Archaeology Monograph, edited by Roger Leech and Adrian Green, pp.133-150), 2006
  • A Tale of Two Bridges : The Iron Bridge and Coalport Bridge, Shropshire (Historical Metallurgy, Vol.39, pp.82-95), 2005
  • Industry and Domesticity : Exploring Historical Archaeology in the Ironbridge Gorge (Post-Medieval Archaeology, Vol.38, 215-225), 2004
  • Monasteries of Manufacture : Questioning the Origins of English Industrial Architecture (Industrial Archaeology Review, Vol.XXVI, pp.45-62), 2004
  • Extra Special Best Best : Black country iron puddling and wrought iron manufacture (Historical Metallurgy, Vol.38, pp.47-59), 2004
  • Urban Industrial Landscapes : Problems of Perception and Protection (in The Archaeology of Industrialisation, Society for Post-Medieval Archaeology Monograph, edited by David Barker and David Cranstone, pp.165-180), 2004
  • Forging Ahead in Coalbrookdale : Historical Archaeology at the Upper Forge (Industrial Archaeology Review, Vol. XXV, pp.59-63), 2003

Ironbridge Archaeology staff have attended and given papers at a wide range of national and international conferences. These have included

  • Theoretical Archaeology Group Conference 2011, Birmingham
  • Computer Applications in Archaeology Conference 2011, Birmingham
  • Association of Industrial Archaeologists Conference 2011, Cork
  • Institute for Archaeologists Conference 2011, Reading
  • Fe09 Footprints of Industry Conference, Ironbridge 2009
  • International World Heritage Site Conference, Ironbridge 2006
  • Society for Historical Archaeology Conference York 2005
  • AIA Conference 'Frameworks for Industrial Archaeology' Nottingham 2004
  • SPMA/HMS Conference 'Archaeology of Industrial Processes' London and Ironbridge 2004
  • IFA Conference Liverpool 2004
  • EAA Conference St. Petersburg 2003
  • SPMA Conference 'Estate Landscapes' York 2003
  • IFA Conference Bangor 2003
  • EAA Conference Thessaloniki 2002
  • IFA Conference Leicester 2002
  • SPMA Conference 'Cities in the World' Southampton 2002
  • AIA/SPMA Conference 'Archaeology of Industrialisation' Bristol 1999